Can I hear a song that Promise have recorded?

Certainly you can, here are 4 of them.

Our demo tracks are:

Note: To download the audio file, right click on the download link then Save Target As... OR Save Link As...

'Never Can Say Goodbye' - Download (originally sung by Gloria Gaynor). This gives an idea of how our 1970's disco songs sound - fantastic! We dare you not to at least tap your feet, if not leap around the room...mind the cat!

'That Don't Impress Me Much' - Download (originally sung by Shania Twain). Many people have asked whether we can really sound this good live - we are happy to reply that we do! This track shows off Kevin's silky guitar skills, as well as Zoë's fantastic singing of course.

'Respect' - Download (originally sung by Aretha Franklin). This track really allows Zoë to show off her voice and gives a flavour of the 1960's soul music which Promise can play.

'Best Of My Love' - Download (originally sung by The Emotions). Another great slice of 1970's disco - it's our speciality.