I like what I hear! How much will Promise cost for my function?

Our price is subject to many factors, but if you could let me know some further details I can quote you a price which won't break the bank. Here are some of the variables which will affect the price;

How many people would you like in the band? Is there space for the full Promise 4-piece band with 3 lead singers, or would your budget be more suitable for Promise duo?

Where is the event being held? Promise are based in the North London area. Although we are certainly ready, willing and able to travel to performances anywhere in the UK and abroad, we do have to add on a little for our travel costs if the event is a long way - we think we're worth it though!

What time do we have to set up by? Some clients prefer us to be completely set and soundchecked before the guests arrive, and some clients prefer it if we arrive later to set up. Neither is a problem for us.