What can I expect from Promise?

The main thing you can expect...is a fantastic night of music performed by very experienced and talented professional musicians and singers (the cream of British talent, in fact), and all organised properly to ensure that nothing goes wrong with your special event.

A good price. Promise offer outstanding value for money. They are not the cheapest party band around, but they are far from being the most expensive either - like everything in life, you only get what you pay for! Crucially, after your evening has finished, you will be surprised that a professional band can charge so little....

Promise are fully self contained. We carry our own reliable, excellent quality PA sound system with lighting. This is all included in the price. You'll be able to hear everything extremely clearly and see us too. Although the PA is a very modern state-of-the-art system which is potentially very loud, don't worry - we will play at the volume that you want us to play at. The music will NOT be too loud for your guests.

Would you like music played before, in-between and after our sets? No problem, I have some great compilation CD's and minidiscs. It's certainly not just a question of pressing play on a CD player though - these are professionally put together and mixed compilations, so there are no 5-second gaps between each song (which tend to clear the dance floor). Not only that but, if you give me some notice, I can compile a special mixture of songs for you. This is a service which, to my knowledge, no other band is able to offer their clients and there is no extra charge for it.

Would you prefer a DJ instead of compilation CDs? Just let me know, and I will organise it.

Would you like a special themed set? Promise can offer a whole set of 1970's disco music, performed in ridiculous (but, sadly accurate!) costumes and wigs. Just let us know in advance and we'll be happy to do this at no extra cost.

Would you like us to play dinner music? Some clients like us to be able to play some quiet cocktail music through the meal, or while your guests are arriving. We love doing that!